Records of Ember

The fantasy world created for the fantasy series. There are maps of the world, the countries, and even the cities.

Supervenience Records

Album and poster design for an up and coming New York record label. They represent, produce, and promote several bands.

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2 Rooks Productions

Identity and advertising for a Theater Company.

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Pop-Up Book

Super Bennett - Chapter 1: To the Rescue. This is a pop-up book I designed and built for my nephew. I gave it to him on his 4th birthday.

Sustenance Network

Logo and Advertising for a start-up local market.

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2nd and Madison

Logo and signage design for a Downtown Portland, Oregon dental practice.

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A short story selected and performed by The Liar's League of Portland.

Logo Design

Several examples of logo design collected for your viewing enjoyment.

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Digital Illustration

Some examples of digital illustration and asset generation.

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Storyboard Art

Work examples of finished promotional videos where I provided storyboard art, asset generation, and some animation.

I Want To Lichtenstein You

What started as a collaborative art project turned into something a little more engaging, challenging, and educational. Users on Facebook were asked to submit a photo, I would redraw it digitally using a tablet and multiple layers, and send it back to them in a style inspired by Pop Artist Roy Lichtenstein.

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2.35:1 - Conrad Hall

Designed as a template for a series of books based on the careers of influential cinematographers. This first book covers the films of Conrad Hall, a genius most famous for his Oscar winning work on 'American Beauty.'

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The Green Room

A trilogy of one-act farces featuring the same cast of characters taking place backstage in a college theater.

Frank Noir

Follow the adventures of the worlds most disgruntled detective. Let his dark days brighten yours.

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Satirical comic strip about the taxing relationship between two polar-opposite super heroes.

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Cooking Conversions

Many conversion tables and graphics were lacking, I took it upon myself to redesign a cooking conversion table I would like to use.

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Beginner's Luck

This twice-produced one act play takes place in a coffee shop over a game of chess. One man knows more than he lets on, the other knows less than he thinks.

Brew Q

A conceptual quarterly magazine on the topic of Portland's Brewery and Brewpub scene.

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Girls Attack!

Matt Grigsby's original comic about monsters and teenage girls. I provided words, layout, design, and lettering.

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Pieces of Souls

My take on a supernatural/psychological horror comic. The script is finished, and the first eight pages have been drawn by artist Marcus Lake.

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Records of Ember

A Fictional World

Tragic heroes, forbidden loves, martyrs, charismatic villains, untrustworthy friends, drunken geniuses, vengeful knights, fallen monks, pirate warlords, bitter old recluses, rash warriors, and sworn brothers.

What began as an exercise in world-building, led to a years long obsession, and has coalesced into the first of hopefully many books. Echoes In The Fire can stand-alone as a novel. However, it is intended as the first of a trilogy following Rain as she becomes a crucial player in the struggle for control of Dawnwatch. The name of the trilogy is The War of the Forgotten Prince. The author has many more stories in this world waiting to be told. They take place in various nations and at different times in the long and detailed history of Ember. There are a thousand years of mysteries laid in the foundation of this world. The overall name for the series is Records of Ember.

Echoes in the Fire. Concept cover for the first novel in the Records of Ember series.

The Yora System. The home of six planets and many moons. One small moon is called "Ember."

Topographic map of Dawnwatch, the oldest country on Ember."

A hand-drawn map of Ember. It includes the continents, oceans, and major nations.

The city of Portria. This is an example of one of the many detailed drawings.

The currency of Dawnwatch. Includes a conversion table.

The military ranks and insignia of Dawnwatch. In this country, the navy and army are closely associated.

Tinther. One of the many creatures of Ember.

River Zails. Aquatic herbivores. Their ocean cousins are much larger.

Interactive infographic about the various races of Ember.


William Lund III

Will is a Designer, writer, and performer. There are lots of other adjectives, but those are the three biggest descriptors regarding professional aspirations. He is a founding member of the Shakespeare Liberation Army, and a frequent contributor to Portland's Fertile Ground Festival. His writing has been featured on stage several times. Recently, one of his short stories was selected by the Liar's League of Portland and read by an actor on OPB/NPR Radio.

A lifetime love of sequential art led Will to explore every aspect of their creation. From script, to storyboard, illustration, finishes, color, typography, and print production. He wouldn't rest until he'd done everything down to stapling the books together. He even made a website about comics when he was 13. After the first few disasters, he became obsessed with doing it well.

Will completed Portland State University's Graphic Design program. His print, layout, and illustration teachers included: Kate Bingaman-Burt, Adam Garcia, Briar Levit, Yvonne Perez Emerson, Rob Bonds, Frank Chimero, and Josh Kenyon (Jolby) . He learned web design and programming from Ian Whitmore and Thom Hines. While there, he also studied Sequential art writing and layout from Brian Michael Bendis.

He lives in Portland, Oregon. Where the beer is good.

He travels. The beer is good in other places, too.

The Green Room

A Trilogy of One-Acts

Three farcical one-act plays capturing all the confusion, craziness, and characters you find in a college theatre.

'I Have Herpes?' was first performed as a staged reading during the 'Blue Electric Storm' put on by the Portland Dramatists Workshop August 9th, 2008. It was hosted by Portland Oregon's Coho Theater.

Not long after, it was invited to be performed again, this time fully staged, during Portland's Fertile Ground Festival of New Plays. In the two subsequent years, Will and the director were able to reunite most of the cast to reprise their roles and tell more rediculous stories.

Act I   —   I Have Herpes?


The theatre erupts in hilarious confusion when Jeff and Erica are about to take their relationship to the next level. It's about rumors, decapitated heads, and STDs.

Performed at the Someday Lounge on January 25th and 26th, 2009.


Writer — William Lund III
Director — Dug Martell

Stage Manager — Bonnie Toon-Sweeney
Assistant Stage Manager — Cassie Skauge


Jeff — Mitchell Fennimore
Erica — Kat Bowman
Steve — Ben Roberts
Parker — Jason Stanley
Daisy — Anneke Wisner
Sheryl — Virginia Thayer

Act II   —   Did You Say Cumquat?


An early morning production meeting falls apart when Parker takes a spill and stops making sense. It's about doughnuts, fake moustaches, and electocution.

Performed January 2010


Writer — William Lund III
Director — Dug Martell

Stage Manager — Breanne Thornton
Box Office — Renee Gerow
House Coordinator — Dawn Panttaja


Jeff — Mitchell Fennimore
Erica — Kat Bowman
Steve — Ben Roberts
Parker — Rory Pattison
Daisy — Anneke Wisner
Sheryl — Virginia Thayer
Joe — Stephen Lisk

Act III   —   What's the Jello For?


It's opening night and the show was running late before someone takes a dip in a bucket of stage blood. It's about nudity, superstition, and infered murder.

Performed January 2011


Writer — William Lund III
Director — Dug Martell

Stage Manager — Arielle Corson


Jeff — Jake Hueni
Erica — Kat Bowman
Steve — Chase Pettichord
Parker — Rory Pattison
Daisy — Anneke Wisner
Sheryl — Virginia Thayer
Joe — Jason Stanley


A short story

This short story was a selection of the Liar's League of Portland. Selections are read aloud by an actor in front of a live audience. A recording of the reading was later played on OPB/NPR radio as part of the Archive Project program.

The story follows Keiji, a visitor from Japan. He is there to see his twin sister for the first time in several years. But his simple vacation is disrupted by an unorthodox request.

You can read - or listen to - the story HERE, on the Literary Arts website, or on iTunes through the podcast Archive Project.

Beginner's Luck

A Drama in one act

Two men have a conversation at an all-night coffee shop over a game of chess. One of them is having a life crisis, the other is trying to avoid one he already had.

"Beginner's Luck" is a drama in one act. It's been performed twice on stage: first as a part of PCC's yearly festival of one-act plays, and second as staged reading at Coho Theatre in Portland during Sharon Sassone's Portland Dramatists Workshop retrospective.

The play itself is always in some state of revision. This is the one play I may look back at every year or so and make some major change to.

☟ You can also read it as a comic book ☟

Super Bennett

Chapter 1 — To The Rescue

My nephew was turning 4. His greatest loves were Superman and Batman. I was always more of a Marvel guy, but I knew how it felt to have that passion for iconic heroes. Also, I always wanted to make a pop-up book. The two ideas came together and I ended up designing, illustrating, and building a book. I turned him into a superhero, Super Bennett. The final product has been documented as a video slideshow that you can view you the right.

The books consists of five pop-up spreads, intro and outro spreads, and front and back covers adhered to bookboard. It contains dozens of cut-out folding parts and laminated moving pieces. The reader is led through the story and instructed to interact as it goes. The working mechanisms are more complicated than it appears. Below, I've included some examples of the pieces that were used to make it work.

Reference photo of Bennett alongside digital illustration of him.

Cover and spine design. These, along with the back-cover, were adhered to bookboard.

The final spread. This includes my personal message to my nephew.

A collection of most of the cut-out pieces that were assembled to make the book.

Storyboard Art and Design

Asset Generation and Information Design

Alternative Courier

From the script, I created visual elements including:

• Maps, icons, and objects

• Animation assets

• Information flow

• I also selected stock imagery and timed all content to the vocal performance for the animator


• Worked with the writer and client to establish effective framing elements.

• Created original graphics and infographics

• Selected imagery from client archives

• Supplemented with appropriate stock photography.

• Timed all content to the vocal performance for the animator.

Ramos Transformer Oil

• Created all visual elements from script

• Cartooning

• Animation mobile elements

• Icons and Typography

• Timed elements and vocal performance for animation.